UP University

UP University is a consortium of 7 like-minded higher education institutions in Europe. The initiative aims to address the societal, industrial, and educational needs of the regions in which each partner operates, through interregional collaboration.

UP university’s members have already established a strong track record as quadruple-helix actors. Our close collaboration will enable the UP University partners to upscale our impact to an interregional and eventually European level by systematising exchange, increasing capacity, and combining complementary expertise.

All partners have an applied approach and are located in mid-sized, non-capital cities that span the four corners of Europe.

Universitatea „Vasile Alecsandri” din Bacău

Responsible Living for the Next Generation

While global and European challenges, such as the energy crisis, labour shortages, and the growing threat of societal polarisation, often constitute high-level, complex issues that require European (and global) coordination, they are frequently tackled more accurately and agilely at the level of the regional ecosystem, where their impact is most acutely felt. 

More often than not, solutions must be piloted at a regional level before they can be upscaled to the European context. In short, regions strongly feel the need for innovation and hold great potential to drive it. Yet Europe’s challenges call not only for regional innovation: they also demand changes in individual citizens’ mindsets and behaviour. 

While younger generations, particularly students, are increasingly willing to act on their responsibility to the planet and our communities, they often experience thresholds in realising a sustainable, responsible lifestyle, as, for instance, energy-efficient housing or sustainably produced clothing remains prohibitively expensive to many and sustainable innovations are not always sufficiently promoted or disseminated. 

With UP University, seven European Higher Education Institutions join hands to develop, make accessible, integrate and implement new ways of “Responsible Living for the Next Generation”. We pursue our mission by co-creating innovative solutions to high-priority challenges with and for regional stakeholders and providing future-proof and solution-oriented education. 

By upscaling regional solutions and implementing them with the end-user in mind, we will make impactful change a reality at the regional, European and individual levels. To accelerate our mission, the consortium is submitting an EUI (European University Initiative) application to Europe.

Universitatea „Vasile Alecsandri” din Bacău