Program P1 - Development of the national Research and Development system.
Priority Axis 2 – Subprogram 1.2 - Institutional Performance. Institutional development projects – Complex projects realized in RDI consortia (PCCDI 2017)
Domain - New and emerging technologies
Contract number - 82PCCDI/2018

Project title



The project proposes the achievement of an unitary vision on the new tendencies from the automotive and aerospatial industries by researching the production chains and the afferent intelligent technologies. The researches take in vierw the new tendencies applied in the fabtrication of the automotive and aeronautcs industries. The researches have also in view the development of new materials, the application of new digital technologies for the manufacturing of protypes of parts made from news materials, the development of control and inspection algorithms for the carosery parts, the use of efficient technologies for the cutting procedures of parts made from special materials and not in the last case the minimization of manufacturing costs by using the design of simulation models of the manufacturing fluxes. The consortium involved in the project achievement will be formed by 5 universities that have developed the type of technologies that will be applied, the mode in which the partners will work toghether, the mode in which the intellectual property will be respected and the mode of knowledges transfer to interested  public.

Contract duration: March 2018 - May 2021.

General objective

The researches take into considerations the development of new materials for automotive and aviation parts, the application of the digital technologies for prototyping parts with the new materials, the development of control and inspection algorithms for the parts, the development and application of efficient technologies for automotive and aviation parts by machining and plastic forming and finally the minimisation of manufacturing costs through the design of simulation models of the manufacturing flows.

Project updates

Common research development innovation programme of the consortium

Final scientific and technical project report