Faculty of Sciences

The Faculty of Sciences, an important component of the “Vasile Alecsandri” University of Bacău, continues the tradition of over sixty years of higher education in Bacău in the field of exact sciences. Our faculty is constantly improving its educational offer, adapting it to the requirements and dynamics of our contemporary society.

The Faculty of Sciences conducts teaching and scientific research activities focused on regional needs, with openness to partnerships with academia, business and social entities, both at national and international levels.

Within the Faculty of Sciences, students can enroll in the following undergraduate programs: Biology, Mathematics, Computer Science (full-time education and part-time education). All the study programs are accredited by the Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education.

          The Faculty of Sciences, through the Pre- and In- Service Teacher Training Department (DPPD) offers initial training for teaching positions in pre-university education, courses that include specialized theoretical and practical training and psycho-pedagogical training under: accredited undergraduate, certification and master’s degree programs, and internships under the guidance of a mentor.        

        The Department of Mathematics and Informatics trains specialists in computer science and information technology who can access a wide range of jobs: software application programmers, web site designers, computer system and network service, designers, computer science specialists in research institutions, companies, administration, multimedia creation offices, counseling services, computer science teachers, computer science researchers,computer network administrators, database administrators.

         The Department of Biological Sciences will combine practical and theory work with a mixture of lectures, seminars and lab work.  Those who choose to study the biological sciences can expect to expand their knowledge of cell theory, evolution, genetics, energy, the study of life and living organisms, their life cycles, adaptations and environment.

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