Certification for the teaching profession can be obtained at two levels:

  • Level I (initial), corresponding to the Bachelor’s cycle, with the accumulation of a minimum of 30 transferable credits and with the right to take teaching positions in compulsory pre-university education. Students who have not completed these courses during faculty, have the possibility to attend the postgraduate psycho-pedagogical training courses in accordance to the specialization of the bachelor's degree. The duration of this training program is 1 year, on tuition fee.
  • Level II (upgrading) addresses both master candidates and master graduates.

Graduates of university studies who did not attend psycho-pedagogical training programs during bachelor or master studies may attend these study programs only on tuition fee.

Frame methodology for organizing psycho-pedagogical training programs

Order of the Minister of Education no. 4129 / 16.07.2018 for the approval of the Frame methodology for the organization of psycho-pedagogical training programs