The University Senate

The legislative management is represented by the Senate of the University, the highest decisional and deliberative body, led by the President of the Senate. The Senate is composed of 32 academic staff and 11 students. Five specialized commissions activate as part of the Senate. The Senate of the University represents the academic community and is the highest decisional and deliberative body of „Vasile Alecsandri” University of Bacău.
The Senate guarantees academic liberty and university autonomy, elaborates and adopts, after debates in the academic community, the Chart of the University. It endorses, at the Rector's proposal and after debates in the academic community, the strategic plan for institutional development and operational plans, the structure of the University, the draft budget, and the budget execution.
The Senate debates and approves regulations concerning the organization and functioning of the University, The Quality Assurance Code, the Code of Ethics and Academic Professional Deontology, the Academic Code of Students' Rights and Obligations. The Senate approves the regulations governing the hiring of academic and research staff, and periodically evaluates the human resource.
Through the intermediary of its commissions, the Senate controls the activities of the Rector and of the Administrative Board.
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