Until the beginning of 2013, the scientific research activity was organized, monitored and reported at the level of the departments (as basic structures) and at the level of the research centres existing in the university. Starting with the 1st of February 2013, all these centres joined under the title the Research, Development, Innovation, Assistance and Technological Transfer Institute within “Vasile Alecsandri” University of Bacău.
The main reason for creating RDIATTI was the idea of coalescing in one structure, in which research is done at a superior level, the most important resources of research and of engaging them in the direction of approaching interdisciplinary topics, relevant for the local and regional context of the university. The joining of these resources will facilitate the initiation of ample research projects, which will have significance at a national and hopefully international level, as well as the participation with these projects in national and international projects.


  • PhD associate professor Bogdan-Constantin Rata – Vice rector for research programmes
  • PhD associate professor Dorel Ureche – Vice president
  • PhD professor eng. Carol Schnakovszky – head of the Centre of excellence for research and professional training in the field of design, simulation, industrial management and life cycle
  • PhD professor eng. Dr.h.c. Valentin Nedeff – head of the Engineering and the Protection of the Environment research centre
  • PhD professor eng. Gheorghe Brabie – head of the Managerial and Technological Engineering research centre
  • PhD professor eng. Adrian Ghenadi – head of the Mechanical Engineering research centre
  • PhD professor eng. Dan Rotar – head of the Energetics, Mechatronics and Computer Sciences research centre
  • PhD professor Adriana-Luminiţa Fînaru – executive director of the Applied Chemistry and Process Engineering research centre
  • PhD professor eng. Ileana-Denisa Nistor – head of the Applied Engineering Sciences research centre
  • PhD associate professor Simina Mastacan – executive director of the Interdisciplinary Centre for the Study of Contemporary Discursive Forms (INTERSTUD)
  • PhD lecturer Nadia-Nicoleta Morăraşu – executive director of the Centre for Textual Explorations and Action through Language (CETAL)
  • PhD associate professor Gloria-Cerasela Crişan – head of the Mathematics–Computer Science research centre
  • PhD professor eng. Ioan-Viorel Raţi – executive director of the Environment Resources and Biotechnologies research centre
  • PhD associate professor Daniel Botez – executive director of the Centre for Economic Studies and Research (CECOSR)
  • PhD associate professor Gabriela Raveica – head of the Centre for the Research of Human Performance
  • PhD professor Dănuţ-Nicu Mârza Dănilă – head of the Centre of excellence regarding interdisciplinary research in the field of physical education and sports
  • PhD professor Venera-Mihaela Cojocariu – executive director of PERFORMED (Personality–training–education–performance) centre for psycho-pedagogical research

The regulation regarding the organization and functioning of RDIATTI can be consulted here.

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