The PhD School of “Vasile Alecsandri” University of Bacău was founded in 2007. The school runs two doctoral training programmes in the Science of Engineering field:

  • Industrial engineering
  • Environmental engineering


  • Access to PhD programmes is open to holders of
    • a Master’s degree – at least 300 accumulated ECTS credits, or
    • a Bachelor’s degree, awarded prior to the Bologna process, issued before the first class of the three-cycle higher education system, organised in accordance with Law No 288/2004, graduated.
  • Enrollment is not conditioned by the field of the Master’s or Bachelor’s degree of the applicant.
  • Both programmes are full time and fully funded. A PhD student can benefit from only one funded PhD programme.
  • From enrollment to the PhD thesis oral defense, the admitted students will have the status of PhD students – equivalent to research assistant or junior lecturer.


This is a 3-year (2 semesters) full-time programme that consists of:

  • an advanced academic studies programme – organised by the doctoral school and
  • an individual scientific research programme

At the end of the programme, the PhD student will defend his/her original doctoral thesis in a public session. The thesis will be the result of the student’s research activity carried out during the doctoral programme. The PhD title will be awarded or not depending on the quality of the thesis and public defense.

The advanced academic studies will be undertaken at “Vasile Alecsandri” University of Bacău according to a one-semester curriculum that contains courses meant to develop advanced general professional competencies. These courses will be general enough to be attended by all PhD students and useful for preparing and writing the doctoral thesis. There will be a final exam at the end of the course. Each discipline is allocated a number of transferable credits that will be awarded to the PhD student after passing the exam. The programme is organised on the basis of ECTS credits – 30 credits per semester.

During the advanced academic studies programme, each PhD student, guided by his/her PhD supervisor, will carry out a research project on the basis of which he/she will be admitted to the scientific research programme. The topic of the research project will be established by the PhD student and his/her supervisor in accordance with the student’s research preferences, his/her advanced academic studies programme, the supervisor’s field of research, the politics and university programme with respect to scientific research, and the available facilities and financial resources of the university.

In order to be admitted to the research programme, the PhD student will have to defend his/her research project in a public session organised by the department to which the supervisor belongs. The PhD students admitted to the research programme (starting with the second year) will complete and sign, along with their supervisors, the individual research plan which, after being signed by students and supervisors, and approved by the director of the Doctoral School, becomes an addendum to the PhD student’s doctoral programme contract and the plan on the basis of which the student will prepare his/her doctoral thesis. According to the individual research programme, the PhD student will have to defend three research reports in sessions organised by the department, and the doctoral thesis at the end of the research programme. This programme will contain the proposed periods in which the research reports will be defended and their titles. In these reports the PhD student will present the intermediate results of his/her research as well as the estimated date for the defense of the doctoral thesis in the department.

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