The Department of Professional Counseling was created due to the increased demand for consultancy on the choice of professional route and placement on the labor market.

sigla DCP noua
The Mission of the Department of Professional Counseling (DPC) is to advise and support high-school graduates, students and graduates of higher education in the development of successful careers. Before the establishment of the Department of Professional Counseling, career orientation was conducted empirically and unsystematically, and professional selection had, as still has, school performance as a single or predominant criterion. In these circumstances, the Department of Professional Counseling aims to develop various programs of knowledge, awareness of the professional interests of students and provide adequate counseling both for the successful completion of university studies, especially for good insertion in the labor market, through the intermediation of a good correlation between graduate profile and job demands.

For sustainable long-term development of the local community, it is desirable to create a direct and permanent link between business and the university environment in a win-win system with substantial benefits for both sides,aimed to provide the basis for achieving effective and efficient permanent education.




  • Client-centred approach
  • Psychosocial and cultural diversity
  • Communication and introspection
  • Quality of the counseling process
  • Applicability and involvement
  • Empathy and personal development
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